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Bathroom Bathroom Bath with shower Bedroom 1 Bedroom 1 w TV Bedroom 2
Bathroom.jpg         Bathroom Bath with shower.jpg         Bedroom 1.jpg         Bedroom 1 w TV.jpg         Bedroom 2.jpg        
Bunk Room Cloakroom Hall Hall & Stairs Hall & Stairs (2)
Bunk Room.jpg         Cloakroom.jpg         Hall.jpg         Hall & Stairs.jpg         Hall & Stairs (2).jpg        
KitchenDiner KitchenDiner 2 Llys Tegfan Two Entrance Lounge Lounge (2)
KitchenDiner.jpg         KitchenDiner 2.jpg         Llys Tegfan Two Entrance.jpg         Lounge.jpg         Lounge (2).jpg